Keep ’em playing!

I grew up listening to records, from Frank Sinatra, Beastie Boys, The Cure to Phil Collins. My dad had a wide collection of vintage vinyl records which I got the chance to enjoy. That was the time when I learned about the art of analog music. The soft cracks when the record is playing brings more depth and personality to each song.

When I saw an ad about portable turntables, I was so ecstatic! I researched on where to find them. A friend suggested this cafe that sells them and other vintage stuffs; SATCHMI. (Next time, I’m gonna take pictures of the cafe!)

But first, say hello to my MOTORINO MK 3!


Motorino MK 3 in Black

Portable, bluetooth ready, rechargeable and has built in speakers. I love the Idea of it looking like a briefcase.


At Satchmi, they also sell vinyl records. They have brand new ones, and pre owned. The records are sorted based on the genre. I dug like a mad man on the stands for almost an hour! So here’s what I got;


From the alternative stand at Satchmi

Very impressive! They have a vast selection of different artists and genre. Starting from the 30s up to date!

One of the best part is this Paramore collection


It is true that change is inevitable. Just like when laser disks dethroned the turntables. But the good thing is, (yes, they might be old, they might be out of the trend, but) this restoration of a vintage machine only goes to show that they are not forgotten and they will always be part of the history of muic. ❤




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