What Color?

Moonstone or Amethyst?

Last week I had my hair bleached for the fifth time. I want to achieve platinum, but I guess my hair’s just as stubborn as I am. Some part was near platinum but most of them was light yellow. I thought of having it bleached again after a day, but I noticed some hair falling and breaking so I decided to just color it as it is.

I’ve been in love with coloring my hair since I was high school.  Of course I opted for neutral shades like light brown and ash blonde so that It wouldn’t be that loud. After high school I experimented with bold colors like fiery red and hot pink. I always loved coloring my hair since it was the only thing I can do to give my hair its own personality. (I had deep frustrations of not able to do emo bangs because of my curly hair)


Here’s an illustration of me made by my former FIP classmate, Dolly


I ordered two hair dyes because I’m fickle minded; Moonstone and Amethyst. I literally had to let 2 effin days pass after the orders came because I was not decided which one to use first. I even made a poll in my ig story to let people vote. 80% voted for amethyst, but I hate to break it to you folks, I AM STUBBORN.


Lunar Tides’ Moonstone and Amethyst from Hair Geek Ph


So last night, around 10:30 PM, I made a decision. I called my personal hairstylist –charot- (My husband) and he colored my hair blue.



“Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams” (Colors-Halsey)


BUT, be sure to bleach your hair evenly and as much as possible when coloring blue tones, bleach your hair until it’s platinum blonde, because yellow + blue = GREEN! (Yep, I have some blue green hair)

When I woke up I had the perfect dress and shoes in mind to complement my new hair color.

A black dress…

and neon pink Vans.



Splash of colors!


Perfect example of Sugar and Spice 😉


That’s it folks!


Nikki ❤

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