Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

No matter how you love your work, there will be days when you want to breathe outside your workspace and enjoy a different vibe and atmosphere; a 6hour trip to the beach perhaps? 🙂

These past few days, I had difficulty processing the things I need to do. I was constantly forcing myself to sleep so I can rest my mind.

So yesterday; November 15, 2017 we decided to take a short break. Luckily there’s a 1-hour drive beach from the city.



Overlooking view of the Isla Verde


Look at this amazing view.


Of course I had to drag my husband to take a photo of me. 😀

Wearing my beach shorts from F21 and a kaftan blazer by Nikki Berberabe ❤

The sea foams, the sound of waves splashing, the wind making beautiful sounds, the beautiful sea glistening under the sun. Ahhh! LIFE! I’m glad I had the chance to recharge.


Insert cliche caption. LOL. 😀


Ending this post with something I was so conscious about. But hell yeah! F*ck society’s definition of beautiful. ❤


Printed skirt by Nikki Berberabe



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